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FIgment: Master of My Domain

Mäster of my Dömain

October 1993 - May 2005 

Figment's Last Days - May 2005

Figment's Last Days With Us (May-05)
Resting, but not eating or drinking

Figment at the Condo - Dec 2004

The crowded condo gave figment very little free space and  very limited access to fresh air and sunshine (Dec-04)

In May 2005, we sadly had to say good-bye to our good friend. Figment's health suddenly, and without warning, deteriorated. His frequent habit of throwing up had increased to almost daily since we moved to our new condo in July 2003. We found a good vet that had treated him with steroids, but he found little relief. In March 2005, he suddenly went blind in his right eye. Dave planted a small patch of "cat" grass for him, but Figment was never well enough to test it. Like January 2003, he again developed a "blockage" that we followed with a full Xray, Catgrass / Wheatgrass - May 2005blood test and "unblocking". He felt better for almost two weeks, then became "blocked" again, and refused to eat. Sadly, he did not eat or drink for 5 more days. We realized over time, and through 2 more vet visits, that his condition was terminally serious. On his last doctor visit, after he had lost so much weight, the vet could easily feel that a mass had formed in his abdomen. Figment had lived a full life with us in Utah and Florida. He had enjoyed the run of our big house for many years and retired to our small, cramped condo and its little patio. He is now at peace, and was able to leave us without a trauma and without going through an extended period of suffering or pain. We take comfort in that thought during our time of great sadness over the loss of our good friend.

Figment: Time to Rest

I'm an old cat now, I'll play with you later.

Figment: I Love Computer Games

Figment: Helping with Jigsaw Puzzle

Are we done playing on the computer?
Can we go take our nap now?

I love to help mom with her jigsaw puzzles.
Mostly, I appreciate the hours of sitting quietly.

Heading to the Vet: Jan 2003

Don't call me "Patches" - Jan 2003

I got sick and had to have Emergency Surgery
on a Saturday night with lots of people paying
attention to me (of course).

I'm feeling better now, and I am on a diet of strictly 
canned food! It wasn't funny when they 
nicknamed me "Patches" (Jan-03)

Figment: My Turn for Shrip

Figment: Thinking Great Thoughts

Shrimp Fondue? When is it my turn?
Hey! Let me In! Let meeee Innnnn!

Thinking Great Thoughts
King of All That I See

FIgment: I've Had Enough

Figment: My Rightful Place

Go Ahead, Make My Day

You may rise

Figment: Need any paper?

Figment: My Rightful Place

Are you done with this?

Hey. I was thinking about something...

Figment: Easter Morning

Figment: Me and my Tennis Ball

 Come and Play with me anytime,
 but bring your own tuna and
 tennis balls. These are mine.

Hey! Its Easter down here too!

Can you get that camera out of my
 face now?

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(Its the only food I eat)

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To get my taste up for dinner

My First Week at My New Home: January 1994


Hey, whats that?

What can I do for you?
Hey, whats that?

All Ears


The better to hear you
Where are you going?

Figment: Kitten Nap with my Boy

FIgment: Kitten Nap Time

Here I am with my boy
Time for my nap.

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