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Travelogues for our Major Trips

Germany Business Trip: July 2002

Germany Business Trip

July 2002

Business Trip: Copenhagen, Kronborg Castle, Malmo,
Flensburg, Hamburg, Frankfurt

Brussels, Normandy, Paris: May 2002

Normandy/Paris Trip

May 2002

Brussels, Brugge, Caen, Bayeaux, Normandy, Paris, Montmarte, Luxembourg, Bastogne, Arnhem, Antwerp

Ozark / Cajun Trip: May 2001

Ozarks/Cajun Trip

May 2001

Tallahasse, Mobile, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Branson, Memphis, Acadia / Cajun Country, New Orleans

Chicago at Christmas: Dec 2000

Chicago at Christmas

Dec 2000

Miracle Mile, Art Museums, Board of Exchange,
Sears Tower, Hancock Tower, Theatre, Improv Comedy

Seattle / Vancouver Trip: Sept 2000

West Coast Trip

Sept 2000

Seattle, Mt St Helens, Portland, Redding, Sacramento,
San Francisco, Oregon Coast, Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle

Boston / Springfield Trip: Sept 2000

Boston / Springfield Trip

May 2000

Bunker Hill, Salem, Marblehead, Walden, Seuss Museum,
Newport Harbor, Plymouth Rock, Quincy, Kennedy Museum

NYC / Phil Trip -- March 2000

NYC / Philadelphia Week-end 

March 2000

Independece Hall, Liberty Bell, Coney Island, Flatbush,
Museums, Empire State Bldg, Today Show, UN Bldg

Canadian Maritime Provinces: August 1999

Canadian Maritime Provinces 

August 1999

Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Whale Watching, Bar Harbor,
Prince Edward Island, Grand Pre, Yarmouth, Halifax

Milan / Israel / Athens: November 1998

Italy / Israel / Greece Trip 

November 1998

Business Trip: Milan, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Acco, Athens
One Day Visits, Missed My Flight, Delightful People

UK Vacation: July 1998

UK TRIP / Circle Tour 

July 1998

Manchester, Wales, Cotswolds, Stonehendge, Hastings,
Dover, London, Lincoln, York, Edinburgh, Lockerbie 

Presidential Gravesites -- Pictures and Stories

Presidential Gravesites 

1985 - 1993

It took eight years to visit and photograph the tomb or grave of every US President from Washington to Nixon.

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