Grape Escape Game: Grape Art

We own a copy of Parker Brothers game "Grape Escape". You make your own game marker using colored Play-doh and a grape shaped press, each player using a different color doh. The game then consists of racing your grape through various crazy dangers to arrive first at the finish line. If a competitor rolls a certain setting when you are in peril, he may spin a crank and have a cartoonish device (similar to "Mouse Trap") physically destroy your grape player marker, (instead of simply returning you to start). Scissors, a rolling pin, a big boot, are each invoked to 'smush' your marker, where you then simply press out a new one and start over.

Of course we can't stop there. We always make additional copies of the grapes, then docorate them and place them in scenes appropriate to their color. Here is our "Grape Escape" art pictures.

Playing Grape Escape: Jesse, Thomas and Lyn

Grape Escape: Getting Smooshed

You don't just send your opponent back to start, you physically smoosh his marker


Grape Escape figures: Angel and Baker by Lyn

Lyn got the white Play-doh. She made an Angel and a Chef.

Grape Escape figures: Wrestling Scene by Jesse

Jesse made this ring scene from World Wrestling. Look in back for the grape with a folding chair.

Grape Escape figures: Baseball Scene by Dave

Dave's Baseball Scene included a Pictcher, a Catcher, and a Batter.

Grape Escape figures: Scorcery Figures by Thomas

Thomas got red and made a magician, king and knight in a scorcery theme.

Grape Escape figures: Rock Star stage by Dave

Dave made a rock-star stage scene in honor of attending a Pat  Benatar concert. He had to smoosh a "roadie" to use as the amp.

Grape Escape figures: Figures in Red by Lyn

When Lyn got red she mad a devil, and gave her grapes a pith helmet, a moustache and a long hair wig.

Grape Escape figures: Red Devil by Lyn

Grape Escape figures: Carrying off the Hero by Jesse

Jesse had so many blue grapes that he had a happy throng carry one off on their shoulders

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Last Update: April 24, 2001