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Famous Gangsters

Graves of Famous Fugitives from the Roaring 20's. The famous and notorious that I encountered in my travels.

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Al Capone

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Al Capone, the infamous "Scarface", is buried in Mount Carmel Catholic cemetery in suburban Chicago. Immense bushes now obscure the name "Capone" from easy view, to discourage uninvited visitors. I visited after work during a summer evening, although it took me three trips due to heavy rush hour traffic.  The grave is easy to find, if you use the Roosevelt Rd entrance. This is the grave that started many collectors, including Jim Tipton, founder of www.findagrave.com.

Al Capone's Grave


Bonnie Parker

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Clyde Barrow

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Bonnie and Clyde are both buried in Dallas, Texas but at separate cemetaries, after their spectacular end in rural Louisiana. Bonnie's family prevented them being buried together, as they considered Clyde and his poor parenting to be the cause of the couple's crime-spree. Clyde is buried with his brother Buck in the Western Heights cemetery, just a couple miles due west from the famous triple underpass "Grassy Knoll". The cemetery is well-marked to "keep out", so I had to squeeze between two posts to enter. It is difficult to pull off of the busy road. His grave is a few steps due west of the locked main gate.  Bonnie is buried in Crown Hill cemetery, north of downtown near Love field. It took me two trips to Dallas to get these pictures. Before I took the picture of Bonnies grave, I used my hand to sweep away some debris and grass clippings. I snagged my finger on a bronze spur from her nameplate and lived in fear of getting blood poisoning. The small poem is a bit bizarre.


Picture Coming Soon

Picture Coming Soon


Bugs Moran

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Bugs Moran was the target of the St Valentine's Day massacre, lucking out to avoid the mob hit. His life ended in obscurity, bouncing in and out of jail and finally taking a rap to Leavenworth federal prison, near Kansas City. It is well known that he died there, and is buried in the prisoners cemetery, usually listed as 'unavailable to the public'. On our vacation trip, we stopped at the prison, and easily spotted the rows of graves on a nearby hill. However, almost half of the aged wood markers were either damaged or missing. We walked the rows but could not luck upon Moran. I intend to write a FOIA request to the Federal Beureua of Prisons .... someday soon.

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Lyn walking among the poor marked prisoner graves at Leavenworth, KS


John Dillinger

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I was surprised to learn that Dillinger was buried in, Crown Hill, the same cemetery that contains President Benjamin Harrison and Eli Lilly. I took this picture on the same trip I visited the Chevrolet Brothers.


Grave of John Dillinger, Indianapolis IN

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