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Stephen Crane

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My favorite author is buried in Hillside, NJ barely a mile from the Newark airport. When a business trip finished early, I took the detour to his grave, stoppinig to say a brief 'thank-you' for teaching me and touching my heart during the critical years of my youth.

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Stepen Crane Gravesite


Emily Dickinson

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During our Boston / Springfield / Newport vacation in May 2000, we took one evening and drove up to Amherst, MA, home of UMass and the burial site of Emily Dickenson. We easily found the cemetary, but only found the grave as the sun set. Many visitors had preceded us, as pebbles and small stones covered the top of the headstone.

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Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley Grave - Graceland, Memphis TN


Bob Ross

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I make frequent business trips to Orlando and checked find-a-grave one trip. Bob Ross, PBS television star famous for his comforting voice and wet-on-wet painting was listed but had no grave picture. We scheduled a visit to his grave and took the following pictures.


Chic Young

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Murat 'Chic' Young was the cartoon artist that created the famous "Blondie" comic. Responsibility for the comic has passed onto his son. His biography in find-a-grave was missing a picture, so I took these. His gravesite is very peaceful, overlooking a small lake with a fountain.


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