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Dave with Richmond Braves mascot July 1991

St Louis Cardinal / Busch Stadium - May 1989

Richmond Braves (July 1991)

St Louis Cardinal (May 1989)

This is the photo that started it all. It was an early business trip, where I finally felt confident enough to see the city, and one of the first minor league baseball games I attended. The chicken (duck?) wanted to pass by and climb on the dugout to do a dance, I grabbed him and my friend took our picture. A 5x7 of this photo has been on every office credenza I have had since then.


When digging through our old photos, we found this one from our day-trip to St Louis when Jesse was just two years old. Our new photo scanner let us take the small mascot from one corner of the picture and zoom him up to portrait size. See our other pictures from the day.

Jesse with Weber State Wildcats mascot -- Fall 1993

Jesse with Salt Lake Golden Eagles mascot -- Winter 1994

Weber State Wildcats (Fall 1993)

Salt Lake City Golden Eagles (Winter 1994)

On first moving to Ogden, Utah, we tried to become active citizens. A friend from work got us free tickets to the football game. This is Jesse, in first grade, with Waldo, the Weber State Wildcat, just seconds after the game ended.

While in Ogden, we attended a couple of minor league hockey games. Here the mascot, Icy, is passing out autographed pictures at the city winter festival. Again, Jesse is in first grade and we had much fun misprouncing "Ice-ee" as "Icky". We were both 7 years old at the time. The Golden Eagles are long gone, replaced by the Utah Grizzlies.


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