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Easter 2002

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Dave and Jesse Easter Morning 2002

Lyn and Jesse Easter Morning 2002

Well, we certainly spend a little less time each year on our Easter ritual. We were all feeling well this year and Dave had been home for a week of 'prep' (although he hurt his back at a Spring Training ballgame). Most of our time had been tied up in planning Dave and Jesse's trip to France just six weeks away!

The big news this year was that Thomas was coming down for an Easter visit to his Grandmother and would get to spend one or two sleepovers with us.

For Easter morning, we talked about the "Sunrise Service" but slept in. We did not color or even boil eggs, as Lyn simply bought pre-painted eggs at Publix. At that was enough of Easter for all of us. Dave was the only one eating the kielbasa as Lyn had just finished her gastro-probe and Jesse's GERD was so advanced that he was due for his probe the following Friday.

Happy Easter everyone, erp.

And the winner is!

Who's having Shrimp! I know somebody is having shrimp!

Rematch at the Risk board

Thomas and Jesse stayed up until 3am playing

Jesse, Boomer, Thomas, and Dave enjoying Steak n Shake

Jesse and Thomas in the Preliminary Round


Thomas spent a sleepover with us, and of course we had to play a game of Risk. Thomas told us lots of stories about his new home, new school, and new friends in New Jersey.

Jesse and Thomas stayed up until 3am playing Age of Empires in the computer room.

The next day, Boomer came over to continue the computer play, then at 4 we headed out for dinner and a couple rounds of lazer tag (Boomer's excellent idea).

We were surprised when we were the only ones at lazer tag. So we headed for dinner, we hit the Steak n Shake, and came back and played one round with just ourselves and the staff. We had a quick air hockey tournament (Lyn kicked our combined tails), and got to play one more round of lazer tag after some other kids finally showed up.

Thomas had a busy schedule, but got to come over one more time after the other kids went back to school on Monday. Happy Easter!





Thomas at the Air Hockey table.

Jesse's Spanish class Field Trip

While Dave was home for Easter, we took Boomer down to see the Devil Rays play against Texas (Dave hurt his back on the hard bleachers).

Also, Jesse's Spanish class had a field trip to a local Spanish restaurant: "Uno agua, por favor".

We attended a Spring Training Game

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Easter 2002

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