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France Trip: May 2001

France Trip: May 2002
Dave and Jesse went to Brugge, Brussels, Paris, Normandy, Luxembourg, Holland and Antwerp

Germany Trip: July 2002

Germany Trip: July 2002
Dave's business trip to Flensburg, Germany let him visit Copenhagen and Hamburg, too.

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Lyn MIBG-132 Test: Couldn't find the Pheochromcytoma




Family Vacation: France - Luxembourg - Netherlands

D & J 



Dave Trip: Germany - Copenhagen





Orlando - Friends and Dinner Show 




Los Angeles (Getty) - Los Alamos, NM 





Palm Springs




Ottawa, ON / San Francisco, CA


Jan 2002

Lyn has an MIBG-132 Test


Lyn's MIBG-132 Test - Results were negative

Lyn MIBG test showed no pheo
She took sat for hours three days in a row

Lyn had been ill, on and off, for over six months and we greatly suspected she had a pheo tumor. The MIBG-132 test requires a special nuclear mixture be made, unique for each patient, and administered immediately. Lyn went back to the hospital three days in a row for this scan, but the final diagnosis did not find any certain presence of a pheo tumor. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

July 2002

Orlando - Dinner Show


Dave attended a two day class in Orlando in July, so we all went over to swim in the pool and get free drinks at the Embassy Suites.

We ran into our old friend Debbie and her son Tyler, and one night went to Capone's Dinner Show. Seems its been running seven nights a week for years but we had never seen it. It was certainly memorable and the Italian buffet was ok, too.

With all the crazy travel this year, a long week-end of low stress in Orlando was a nice treat for all of us.

Sharon, Todd, and Dave: July 2002

Dave attended class, so gave us a little time to play

Dave and Lyn at Capone Dinner Show: Orlando July 2002

Capone Dinner Show: Orlando July 2002

Waiting for the Capone dinner show to start
Guns and Molls, silly costumes and bad accents

Aug 2002

Los Angeles / Los Alamos


The bad economy has given Dave's job a double whammy this year. First layoffs have caused tremendous pressure to find more business and deliver a mixture of products and travel extensively to distant districts. At the same time, the airlines have dropped many flights making travel inconvenient, especially with connections. Three times in six months Dave was unable to make it home over the week-end. Here are his pictures.

Dinner with Tom and Ariel

Dave Visited Nixon's Grave in Yorba Linda CA: Aug-02

Dinner and Hollywood Tour with Tom and Ariel
Nixon's Museum and Gravesite: Yorba Linda CA

Due to bad flight connections, Dave could not get home from LA and be back in Los Alamos, NM for Monday, so he stayed over and had dinner with his old friends Tom and Ariel. He visited President Nixon's grave (again) and finally got to see the Getty Museum in its new, spectacular  Brentwood location.

From there he flew to Albuquerque, did some sightseeing Sunday, then drove onto Los Alamos. Carl and Marie-Louise were delightful (again) as Dave and several students ended up having dinner with Marie-Louse and Blaine at their beautiful mountain cabin home.

Getty Museum Los Angeles: Aug 2002

Blaine and Marie-Louse's house: Aug 2002

The mountain cabin is "off the grid" but still is home. Solor power, a cistern, cell phone, propane, satellite.

The 7,500 foot elevation keep Dave light headed all week, but class was fun. The cabin was even higher with spectacular mountain views. Dinner included the novelty of both Oryx steaks and venison.

Forest fires were burning nearby and Blaine was returning from his duty as a volunteer firefighter. At the time, they were training for EMS duty, so their isolated neighborhood would have 'first arrival' coverage. M-L is the DBA that installed the application environment for my class, and  was shuttling their horses back to the house (and loading hay) when the fires had cleared.

Roj, Marie-Louse, Karen: Aug 2002

Roj, Marie-Louse, and Karen with a canyon view

Marie-Louse making us dinner: Aug 2002

Blaine grilling Oryx: Aug 2002

Dinner included venison and farmer's market produce
Blaine grilled us Oryx steaks from a hunting trip

Oct 2002

Palm Springs


Dave had another stay-over weekend in October, with one class ending Friday in Irvine California and another starting Monday in Irving, Texas. With bad flight connections, he would barely have time to do laundry and fly back out. Instead, he spent Saturday visiting with his friend Dave P (the other Dave) and driving the mountain passes between Irvine and Palm Springs. Dave P was an excellent guide, as he often walks the various trails around there. Palm Springs was one of the few US Cities Dave had never visited. (another check mark).

High-End Shopping in Palm Springs: Oct 2002
Dave at the Sonny Bono Statue: Palm Springs Oct 2002
High-End Shopping District in Palm Springs
Dave P and Sonny Bono Statue

Dec 2002

Ottawa / San Francisco


Ottawa: Dec 2002  (Minus 19 Celciius)

Ottawa Parliament Area at Minus 19 Celsius (3 degrees below zero)

Dave spent another week-end away from home. In December he taught 5 days in Ottawa where the temperature was minus nineteen. Bad connections and snowbirds meant he couldn't get home to Florida until Saturday. His next trip was to San Francisco, so he flew there instead and had a nice Sunday afternoon with Peter and Theresa. It was strange to see the same Christmas decorations in two very different climates

Chirstmas in Ottawa: Dec 2002

Christmas in SF: Dec 2002

Rue Sparks in Ottawa
Christmas theme modern sculpture in San Francisco

Dave at Peter at the Golden Gate Bridge: Dec 2002

Theresa at Hyatt SFO Christmas display: Dec 2002

Dave and Peter at the Golden Gate Bridge
Theresa in the Hyatt lobby with the Christmas display

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Easter 2002

Jesse Birthday 2002

Christmas 2002

Week-end Trips 2002

Easter 2001

Jesse Birthday 2001

Christmas 2001

Week-end Trips 2001

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