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Christmas 2002 Family Newsletter

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Thanksgiving was fun, with a first-time visit from Victor and Angie and their kids Robert and Vic. In honor of their visit we not only cleaned the house, but finally got around to moving the TV to the 3rd bedroom and buying some new sofas to make the family room 'audio only'. We bought a prime rib, too large, served two thirds and put the other third away for ourselves for Christmas. Dave headed back on the road, taking three trips and not even coming home one week-end.

Christmas started with a thud for us, as Dave was run down from work and ended up sick for his first five days home (read our letter about his rough year at work). Jesse received straight A's at college, but his finals caused him to be late with his home school "Roman Project" so he ended up working several days during the vacation. Lyn was in the middle of her continuing health problems and finishing up a bizarre dental event (which her endodontist commented: "I've never seen THAT happen before!"). Oh boy!

A small Christmas tree with a few presents for Jesse

With Jesse now 15 years old, the days of Santa bringing a humongous haul have been replaced by a few simple presents and one small box mailed in by Lyn's mom and dad.

The ice rink at our nearby shopping mall

We repeated our Christmas eve tradition of hitting Dennys at 1pm, then going over to the local mall around 3pm to drink coffee, tell stories and people watch.

We have a contest to find the most inappropriate gift suggestion, the person with the most packages, most kids, most outlandish outfit, the most bored husband or hurried shopper. Its a time for us to celebrate our 'normalacy' as we sit in our Florida flower print shirts and point at people who are all pointing at us. Hmmm, what does it mean?

Traditional breakfast at Denny's at Noon

Barney's Coffee and people watching

Chirstmas Eve feast at home

We usually go to church around 7pm, but Dave was still sick and all of us were exhausted. Instead we headed home for shrimp, chips and dip, cheese and crackers, more stories, Red Alert, then early to bed.

Christmas morning breakfast

Time to open presents

Lyn making breakfast under Jesse's supervision
Time to open the present from Lyn's parents

Cool Yzerman jersey from Lyn's Parents

More stuff, please

We slept in, and played some Red Alert together, then listened to Christmas CD's in the new family 'audio only' room. When we opened presents, Jesse received another box full of Red Wing stuff from Lyn's parents, including this very spiffy authentic Yzerman jersey! Now he has something snazzy to wear when we head to watch the Wings at our nearby sports pub. He also got a few DVD's from mom and dad

Heading out to dinner: Christmas Day in Florida

The oven broke so our prime rib stayed in the freezer and we headed out instead to our favorite local Greek restaurant. We really splurged, having those 'once a year' choices including lobster tails for Jesse and Lyn's favorite full red snapper, delivered to the table whole (looking like a dead fish), then deboned with flare by the server. We told stories over dinner, then stopped by the bakery for a few favorites to have at home and for the next couple of days.

Our favorite local restaurant

Stopping at the bakery before we head home

New Years Eve was a quiet evening at home drinking sparkling cider and watching CNN to see the ball drop in Times Square. Maybe next year we'll make it to New York City.

Thanksgiving feast with family and friends

Thanksgiving was with our newest friends
A quiet New Years eve at home in the new TV room

14 Pictures instead of two or three? We must have bought ourselves a digital camera this year!

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Easter 2002

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Christmas 2002

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