The Apartment
Personal Lessons and Insights

July 2, 2001


Brief Plot Summary

A worker moves up in the business by letting his bosses use his apartment for their extramarital affairs, which is complicated when he falls in love himself.


Interest Character

Fran Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine) was an interesting character. In an odd twist of the at-work mistress, Fran the elevator girl was actually in love with her boss, rather than just sleeping with him for career advancement or executive perks. She was even willing to believe that he and his wife were getting a divorce, even though he had no such intention at all. I believe that she wasn't actually in love with him, rather he simply treated her well while others brushed her aside, and she wasn't used to such flattering attention. However, she couldn't see he was being kind only for his own gain. It was only until Baxter showed up that she was confronted with a decision, as both treated her well, although for different reasons. Her boss for lust, Baxter for love. When a person falls into darker times, the sort of warm attention that her boss offered would be an attractive offer. However, the kind of love she was expecting from her boss was not there, but rather the quiet Baxter, whom I doubt she even expected due to his shyness.


Interesting Scene

 I thought an interesting scene was when Baxter (Jack Lemmon) refused to let his boss (Fred MacMurray) use his apartment anymore. He knew he would lose his job, but he felt Ms. Kubelik was worth it. It took a lot of confidence in himself to know that he would be able to make it without his job. That kind of confidence would always find uses. From helping you take control of your future to rebounding from a particularly bad time, confidence in your self is what starts changes in life.


Something this film made me think about.

This film made me think about the effect that standing up for yourself has on your confidence and self-image. When Baxter was letting everyone use his apartment, he didn't seem to be enjoying his life. He was "getting ahead" by the business standard, but seemed to truly be feeling empty and stepped on. It was only until after he refused his boss' request, even under threat of being fired, that he really seemed to be proud and happy with himself. I certainly feel good about myself whenever I defend my wants and beliefs.

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