Gentleman's Agreement
Personal Lessons and Insights

July 2, 2001


Brief Plot Summary

A reporter pretends to be Jewish for an article on anti-Semitism.


Interest Character

I thought Kathy Lacey (The Girlfriend) was an interesting character. She claimed to be an opponent to anti-Semitism, yet she did nothing to stop it. I believe it is a common occurrence for a person to claim to be for or against something before evaluating how much action they would be willing to take for their belief. I should be more careful when stating what i want or how I feel, and make sure that is actually what I believe.


Interesting Scene

 I think an interesting seen was when the son came home crying after being called a 'dirty Jew' by the other kids. His father let him know they could stop, but also said that denying he was Jewish would be  the same as saying it is okay to say things like they did. Even at such a young age, the son loved his father so much and believed so strongly in his moral code, he was willing to keep up their masquerade, even at his own personal loss. I found the kid's conviction of following his Moral Code to be refreshing and admirable. Many people put in a position like that would have probably 'bent' their Moral Code due to their discomfort. I know for me, sticking with your beliefs through the hard times is what proves your faith in yourself.


Something this film made me think about.

This film made me think about just how bad it would be to have ones belief held against them. I can hardly imagine someone treating me worse than others just because I was brought up to believe in something other than what they do. Why would I try to restrict someone who has not actively opposed me, or that I have even met for that matter? I would receive no benefit from doing so. I think I should be more sensitive about holding people's beliefs against them, treating them based on their actions instead of their beliefs.

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