Personal Lessons and Insights


July 6, 2005


Brief Plot Summary

A man uses trickery to convice his new wife she is going insane.


Interesting Character

I found Detective Cameron (Joseph Cotten) to be most interesting. His character is unwilling to give up on the long dead murder case, despite the unlikliness of solving it and direct orders to do so. Like a cat's whiskers (or any good detective), his curiosity is perked up by seeing a familiar face and sensing strange behavior and something out of place.


Interesting Scene

The scene where Elizabeth, the housekeeper, first lets Detective Cameron in then eventually lets him out and later denies he was ever there. She is told twice to act in "her mistress's best interest" and she does just that, then eventually says wryly, "(now) I understand exactly what is going on".


Something this film made me think about.

The sheer power of perseverance when coupled with intelligence.

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