Logan's Run
Personal Lessons and Insights


July 26, 2005


Brief Plot Summary

In a future closed society, life is controlled only for pleasure, but one man and woman seek to escape and understand fully all of life's good and bad experiences.



Interesting Character

I found the title character Logan (Michael York) the most interesting of all. The book and movie were obviously about his personal growth. At the start, he is already questioning the purpose of his job as "Sandman" and the common knowlege that some members are renewed during Carrousel. He is fascinated by the runner with the Anhk, and his chance meeting with Jessica, and when his own time clock is forced (and he learns the truth about lastday), one can easily see his character grow from simply questioning to absolutly determined to learn the truth about the old ways that people lived in an open society with all choices available and with personal responsibility.


Interesting Scene

The scene where Logan and Jennifer encounter Box and realize that all previous runners were captured. As a Sandman, Logan was the first runner actually prepared to fight and defeat Box, where all previous runners were frighted and exhausted and entered this area expecting that they had found the "Sanctuary". It was very though provoking that only someone that could find and kill runners would actually be able to suceed as a runner.


Something this film made me think about.

This film was a

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