To Kill a Mockingbird
Personal Lessons and Insights

July 19, 2001


Brief Plot Summary

The trial of a black man shakes up a small southern town.


Interest Character

I thought Jem (the son) was an interesting character. He was often put into a position of leadership, without having experience enough to know what to do when complications arose. Jem was always trying to gain experiance form his father, either by listening to him, or going along with him even if he would not provide much help. Learning lessons in times of quiet lets you apply those lessons when they are needed in more desperate situations. I believe that I should try to become more worldly by going out and seeing more, even the small things like helping my parents buy things at the hardware store. You never know when you might see a tool you had never known about, only to find yourself in a position where it would be helpful later.


Interesting Scene

I felt an interesting scene was when the gang of local men attempted to break into Tim Robinson's jail cell. Addicus provided a physical block, but it was Scout's innocent questioning that forced Mr. Cunningham to rethink his actions. He could not explain his hatred to the young girl, for she would not understand. He and the rest retreated guiltily, having to examine their reasoning.


Something this film made me think about.

This film made me think about how the actions adults take on their personal feelings effect their children's outlook on life. Atticus simply followed his beliefs that men of color should not be treated any worse, and his children followed his example, having no ill will for other races. Caring for children is an important job, as they will believe and act in the ways you have shown them to be acceptable. I think more cares should be taken to provide children with healthy lessons and positive role models.

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