Sullivan's Travels
Personal Lessons and Insights

October 2, 2002


Brief Plot Summary

A wealthy Hollywood producer pretends to be homeless in order to find out what "misery" really is.


Interesting Character

I thought the girl (Veronica Lake) was an interesting character. Even though she had a world of luxury at her finger tips, she chose to follow Sullivan (Joel McCrea) on his adventure. To me, this showed a tremendous amount of courage and dedication. To want something so much and then go out and achieve it is both difficult, and rewarding. I think anyone would be the better for having experienced a situation like this, and to have continued on even during the worst of circumstances, regardless of the outcome.


Interesting Scene

I found the scene where the cook (Roscoe Ates) at the diner gave Sullivan and the girl some food, even though they could not pay, to be interesting. Even though they could only afford some coffee, he gave them both a doughnut and gruffly stated "I'll never get rich." This struck me much like it did Sullivan. In the middle of nowhere, an average man with an average job gave a little to two people in need. And in doing so, he changed them both for the better. He knew that two sinkers wouldn't mean the difference of his life and fame and fortune, but it did prove to be the difference in providing hope for humanity again in one man. In my opinion, that far outweighs the price of any doughnut.


Something this film made me think about.

This film made me think about how important laughter and joy can be, especially in times of hardship and pain. Having been made in the early 40's, this lesson was made quite obvious, although that does not detract from it's validity. I've been witness to many difficult situations where a simple joke or funny memory was enough to brighten the outlook of those involved, even if only briefly. It is during these brief moments that I believe one can realize just how silly a situation is, or to give hope that no situation in unconquerable. I believe that joy and laughter are some of the best weapons we have in turning the tide against difficult situations and dark moods.

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