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241 BC

241BC : First Punic War

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Pyrrhus could not hide forever, however. He returned to the Italian mainland once again and was crushed by the Roman armies. Pyrrhus had no choice left but to return home. Tensions between Carthage and Rome continued to increase as the kingdom of Syracuse and the Mamertime pirates of Messana asked each for help. In 264 BC, contesting Carthage's movements to aid the Mamertime pirates, Rome committed to an alliance with the Mamertimes. The Carthaginian commander retreated his forces and the first Punic War was started. The king of Syracuse allied with Rome in 263 BC, trusting on it's victory over the superior navy of Carthage.

The war raged on for years, the majority of the battles won by Rome, although it's resources were becoming quite stretched. In 241 BC Carthage finally collapsed, and peace was made on severe terms. Sicily was made a Roman province, as well as the islands Sardinia and Corsica in 238 BC after the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca nominally breached the peace treaty with Rome while subduing mercenary mutinies. Neither of the two republics looked forward to another battle, but the bad blood between them, and a certain overzealous general, would soon be the start of another Punic War.

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