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Map 5

133 BC

133BC : Spain and Anatolia

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In 171 BC, endangered by it's neighbor Macedon, the allied kingdom of Pergamum asked Rome for aid. Rome agreed, and a new war in the east was started. Rome saw little success in the first years of war, but by 168 they had achieved enough success that the king of Macedon was forced to surrender. Macedon was split into four republics, and the peace was held for a number of years. However, a new ruler appeared in 149 BC and led the forces of a reunited Macedon against Rome. Within a year he was defeated and run out of Macedonia, which afterwards became a Roman province. A new league of cities in Greece was causing trouble over a Roman mediation, and a war of liberation against Rome was started in 146 BC. The army that had conquered Macedonia was moved south, and the Achaean League was quickly destroyed. The idea of Greek freedom was soon dispelled as Greece was made a province of Rome.

Rome was busy in the west, as well as in the east. Carthage had made a major recovery from it's horrible defeat years earlier, but was now being robbed of it's territory by neighboring Roman allies. Carthage lost patience with Rome's slow response to it's complaints, and took up arms against the invading forces. This was a breach of the treaty with Rome, and enough reason to prevent Carthage from flourishing once again. A Roman army was sent to raze the city, and so it was done in 146 BC after 3 years of war. Carthage was gone, and it's territories were absorbed into the ever growing Roman Republic. Much of Spain was soon to fall, as the tribes that had been warring with Rome since 142 BC were defeated by Scipio Aemilianus in 133 BC. Spain was quickly settled by Roman citizens, and peace was held. In that same year, the kingdom of Pergamum in the far east, a strong ally of Rome, was given to the republic as per the will of it's king, Attalus III, who had died without heirs.

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