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86 BC

86BC : Mithridates

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By 91 BC, the Roman republic was full of internal strife. The lower classes rebelled against the wealthy and powerful, and individual politicians were garnering power through military force. Northern tribes moved with feeble resistance from the distracted Romans. Mithridates VI the king of Pontus, a land east of Pergamum, took advantage of Rome's weakened situation and invaded it's Asian provinces in 89 BC. Pergamum and all the land around it was lost to Pontus, and the majority of Greece quickly defected from it's despised Roman rulers. In 86 BC Athens, the key to Greece, was recaptured by the Romans. The war turned in Rome's favor, and the great general Sulla gained Mithridates' surrender in 85 BC.

Sulla, not satisfied with merely his victory in the east, marched back on Rome itself. There he defeated a government army, and seized control of the city in 82 BC. He was appointed dictator, and ordered the supporters of his old political enemies killed. He held his position as the single true leader of Rome until 79 BC, whereupon the power was given back to the senate with Sulla's constitutional changes in effect. He died the next year.

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