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9 AD

9AD : Augustus

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With the end of the civil war, Octavian now ruled  Egypt and the entirety of the Roman territories. Octavian, called Augustus as of 27 BC, returned to Rome and was welcomed people. He had brought peace, and that made him very popular. He turned down the obvious titles and positions offered to him, and instead amassed his powers discreetly, earning him even more favour with the people and senators of Rome. He was named "father of the country" and given nearly unending power over Rome. He was now the ruler of an empire. The eastern territories of the empire provided little trouble, fearing the greatness of the undivided empire. Even the Parthians were no longer willing to combat the mighty Roman Empire, as proved by their surrender of the prisoners taken during Crassus' battles in 53 BC.

Augustus moved the legions to the outskirts of the empire, keeping them busy with border skirmishes and conquests while also ensuring that no aspiring general could march on Rome and take it from him. He annexed much of the north Sahara, as well as land east of Egypt and the Euphrates river. He waged campaigns in Spain and Germania, his close relatives and friends making very trustworthy generals. The small portion of Spain that had remained untamed was conquered, and war was waged across Germania. By 9 AD the campaign in Germania seemed to be moving along with great success.

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