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122 AD

122AD : Hadrian

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Trajan's campaigns of expansion were not meant to be, as he finally succumbed to his failing health in 117 AD, leaving the empire in the hands of his distant relative and general of the Rhine armies, Publius Aelius Hadrianus. Hadrian recognized the weakness of the thinly spread lines, abandoning the conquests east of the Euphrates river in favor for strengthening Rome's defences and peace with the reeling Parthia. Parthia's leader was reinstated in the east while Hadrian withdrew from portions of the recently conquered Dacia, although most of the land remained Roman territory.

Hadrian began the construction of a great wall across the width of Britain in 122 AD, a defense against the Celts to the north in Scotland. The famous wall which bares Hadrian's name would prove to be the division between Rome and the barbarians for years to come. Hadrian was also responsible for the subduing of Jewish rebellions in Jerusalem, provoked by his replacing the site of an ancient temple with a shrine to Jupiter. He gave command of the area to Sextus Julius Severus, the governor of Britain, who annihilated over 50 Jewish fortresses and almost a thousand Jewish villages. Rather than military conquest, Hadrian spent most of his time touring the outskirts of the empire and ensuring the discipline, safety, and satisfaction of both the soldiers and people of the empire.

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