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Jesse. Seriously.


17. It's hard to believe I'm not allowed to vote.


Alright, my life story, the highly abridged edition. I was born near Detroit, Michigan in May, 1987. Moved to Utah in 1993, then to Florida in 1995. At this point I had decided I wanted to be either a scientist or an FBI agent. I attended public school until 6th grade (A student, of course), began home-schooling in 7th grade due to excessive absences from frequent traveling. I was homeschooled for two years, began attending classes at SPC during what would have been my freshman year of high school (14 years old). I have been happily taking classes there since, although I've switched majors a few times. Now I'm not sure if I want to be a geneticist, a psychiatrist, a politician, or an FBI agent. Some dreams never die. In the end I'd like to do something important with my life, something that will really make a difference for the world.


Currently enrolled at SPC, going for a Life Sciences AA. Currently have 62 (?) credit hours, 4.0 GPA. I plan on going to USF for Pre-med (Free! Bwahaha. Then again, scholarships from other places would pique my interest...) and medical school, then to do graduate work in genetic engineering with MIT. This is obviously a very sketchy, very long-range plan. Getting married, having a family, and dying are all in there somewhere too.


Oh, plenty. I'm big into computers (mostly hardware and security), which makes sense since I've been raised by a father in the computer industry. I can only really code well in Java, as I haven't found the time to pick up anything else. Sports-wise I enjoy fencing and archery, both of which I have participated in over the years. The martial art Aikido also interests me, although I have yet to attempt it myself. Politics have recently become a serious interest of mine, and a common topic for lengthy rants that any of my friends can attest to. I enjoy watching old movies, as well as the occasional new-release. Foreign films are also a favourite of mine, although I insist on subtitles over dubs. I'm a bit of a film snob, but not too much so. I also enjoy many types of anime, as many kids my age. The subtitle rule goes here as well. I generally like to learn about as many things as I can, regardless of their bearing on my life or career. I like trying to learn new languages, although it has become quite apparent that I am not a natural linguist, as I can't seem to actually learn and remember a single one. I speak Spanish with minimal ability (two semesters, so I'd certainly hope I could...), about 50 words of French, Polish, and Japanese, and about 20 words of Arabic and Russian. I can't seem to remember a single word of Hebrew for the life of me. Oh well. I'm going to keep trying.

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