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Please note: I am not responsible for the content of the following files. If you encounter a problem with one of them, consult the author.

Current RA2 Rules File

This is where I keep the Red alert 2 rules.ini file that I am currently using. You must have this file in your main RA2 directory in order to join a game that has these same settings.

Download > Rules.ini < > Info <

Download > Original Rules.ini < >The rules that came with the game!<

Old RA2 Rules Files

These are my older Rules files, along with the descriptions of what is different in them. Some of them are quite lopsided to one team, but hey, I'm a cheater. That's all there is to it.

Download > Rules.ini < > Info <

Counter-Strike Maps

These are some of my favorite Counter Strike maps. If they are in .bsp format, but them straight into the cstrike/maps folder. If there are more files (txt, sounds, etc), look at the Readme for more info.

Download > Cs_Rats2 < > Info <

Download > De_SBA@Waynes < > Info <

Download > Cs_Academy_Beta < > Info <

Download > Starwars maps (2 maps) < > Info <

Download > Cs_mice_final < > Info <

Total Annihilation Units

These are the units that I use in my Total Annihilation games. You must have the most recent patch in order to us them.

Download > FARK (Fast Action Repair Kbot) < > Info <

Download > NECRO (Resurection Kbot) < > Info <


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