Arctic Picture

January 2000

Home School Writing Assignment: Write a story about a picture

The land around him was blurring by. He couldn't smell a thing. The only sound he could hear was the stingingly cold wind whipping into his face, and the faint sound of dozens of paws hitting snow. Partially blinded by the wind and snow, he could barely see the animals in front of him, but there wasn't much else besides a landscape whose entire pallet was shades of white. he gripped the sled tighter and exclaimed, "Mush!!" He had never really understood the point of that though, for the dogs didn't seem to go any faster. He recognized a nearing gray blur as his destination.

He walked up to the building. Each layer of the buildings wall was either iron or steel and laced with lead and three inches thick. The building consisted of an entrance hallway, two octagonal rooms connected by a hallway, and a exit hallway identical to the first one but flipped. He hadn't noticed it before but it looked rather like a bikini top, "and in the arctic too... " he murmured. Although the door looked like it was made of wood it was actually made out of a heat retaining metal. He punched in a few numbers on the keypad and the door opened with a hiss, for it was sealed to retain heat.

He quickly stepped in and shut the door, basking in the newfound warmth. He continued down the rather grimy and smelly hallway slowly peeling off layers of clothing. He put his security card up to a small black window allowing him access to the first octagon. He set his original clothing in a dark gray locker on a wall full of dark gray lockers. He took out, stepped into, and zipped up a dark metallic gray bodysuit, followed by a slightly just slightly, less dull off-white one.

He forced himself to walk into the next hallway. This hallway was lighter than the first one. The first hallway was eight meters long and had a light every five feet. The fourth light had been dim and the seventh was totally out. This hallway was five meters long and had a working light every five and a half feet. The next octagon was cut in half by a metal wall. Halfway through the room, he noticed that there were chairs set up at each door. This was puzzling for the only time more than one living thing was in this room was when the trained dogs pull into the other side of the wall. He shook his head and continued to the other door. This hallway was almost identical to the first except the second and fifth light were out in this one and it stopped a meter short.

He pressed a white button on the wall and waited a few seconds. The wall in front of him split in half and opened revealing a cold metal elevator. He stepped inside and pressed the third button from the bottom. He got off on the maze of catacombs that was his floor. He took two left turns and then a right. On the right turn he banged his head on a low hanging pipe and swore to himself. He continued on and entered the third door on the right. He turned on a beam projector and picked up his journal.

Week: 38 Day: 1

substance effect notes:

Chemical 1 none
Chemical 2 heightened boiling point
Substance 1 growth accelerated *W/hormone A
Substance 2 decay instantaneously *W/hormone B

This is what he did five days a week. On work nights, he slept on site. The other two days he spends at his small home three miles away and two miles from a small town. This was his life.

Four days had passed and it was time for him to take his weekly temporary leave of the station. He got into the elevator and pressed the top button. The door opened on the third floor from the top. This was odd because nobody got on to the elevator. Just then a girl skipped by the elevator door. On her bodysuit, flower and sun designs had been sewn on. She stopped, looked at him, and with a seemingly permanent smile said "Have a nice day!" He was stunned, and didn't notice that he had unconsciously walked back to his locker. He changed into his arctic gear, and stared blankly at the now folded bodysuits in his hands. He shoved them into a pack and walked out the door.

He was riding on the same sled, with the same dogs, on the same route back to work, but everything was different. The land around him was blurring by, yet he managed to enjoy the splendid panoramic view it provided. He couldn't smell a thing , but he didn't need to smell life to know it was great. The wind whipping in his face made him happy. He was in a land whose entire pallet was made up of beautiful whites.

In the locker room, he changed into his bodysuits. The gray one now had three gold lines that ran around his waist and up the center of his torso. Bright silver lines criss-crossed his legs. The white suit now had green lines circling his legs, red lines on his waist, and a blue line running along his chest and back at a 45 degree angle. On the elevator, he realized that the reason he was on such a low floor was because they wanted to protect him from things above. He got off the elevator and took two lefts and a right, and then he banged his head on the pipe. He looked up at it and smiled.


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