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Jesse's Links

Netscape 4.77 Friendly

IE Suggested

Friend's Pages

Dani - Her art and journal

Chynna - Her livejournal

Boomer - His Xanga, or his family webpage

Brian - His weblog, or his personal page


Slashdot - News on all things geeky

InfoSysSec - Internet Security portal

Zone H - The IT security information network

SecurityFocus Tools - Computer security tools archive

Asta-killer - Astalavista-like search engine, only no pop-ups.

Astalavista - The original security search engine.

Hack this site! - A place to test out your IT know-how.

Knoppix - Linux off of a CD, no need for installation!

Knoppix STD - Linux LiveCD Security Tools Dist.


MIT OpenCourseWare - Free online classes

Samurai Archives - Japanese History

Book of Five Rings - Written by Miyamoto Musashi

Electric Samurai - Great japanese pictures and history.

GEENOR - Genetic Engineering Organization

GE Crops - By Charles M Rader

Ask Dr. Math - Math resource

AgBioWorld - Supporters of GE in agriculture


Guess the dictator/sitcom - Vlad the Impaler and Ernie from My three sons!

Penny Arcade - Funny, funny comic

Something Awful - Random, often crude humour

Suburban Jungle - Anthro comic. Dover's the man!

Krakow - C'mon. Who doesn't love succubi?

Sluggy Freelance - One of the more famous webcomics

Solid Sharkey - An interesting guy with interesting thoughts

Big Black Guy named Ben - Flash animation

Ninja Burger - Your order in 30 min or we commit Seppuku!

Bash - Often funny quotes from IRC

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Tragically 1337

Knights of the Dinner Table - Flash versions of the RPG themed comic

Good Cheese - Sold out to a pay-site. Oh well.


Guitar Tab Universe - A database of guitar tab

Beginner's Guitar - Beginning guitar lessons from About.com

Interactive Chord Chart - Fast, easy chord display


Heritage Studio - Has some nice military prints by D.J. Neary

Helico Passion - Helicopter enthusiasts (En francais)


ChessGames - Incredible resource on past games, openings, etc

WotC - Wizards of the Coast products, D&D and SW RPGs

SuprNova.org - Great source for BitTorrent Apps/Games/Etc

AIX Gaming - BitTorrent dls


Gr$$nPiece - An anti-Greenpeace website (DEAD)

Bush in 30 Seconds - Anti-Bush advertisements.

MoveOn.org - Democracy in Action

Ultimate War Game - Satirical look at recent war events

Dub Review - The web's leading dub resource

KazaaLiteK++ - The best P2P program out there. Period. (DEAD)

Wedge - Interesting guy from UWA

3DSlime - More slime java games

StudentCenter.org - Ad/Popup-heavy forums and articles


Original Web Upload August 2002
Last Update: May 20, 2005