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March 24, 2003 11:40 PM EST

Ahhh. A lot has happened since I've updated this page last. Another semester is already half-way done, the most difficult yet. A 5 credit Precalc Algebra/Trigonometry class is by far the most challenging, but it's not so bad. Having two hours of it on Mondays and Wednesdays is bad. Intro to Chemistry is interesting, although a little difficult. I'm faring well enough so far, but we'll have to see as it gets more complicated. I'm also taking a lab for the chemistry, as well as an intro to Java programming class. Those are going pretty well as well. As for me, well, I've watched a lot of anime lately... Trigun, Love Hina, DNA^2, Video Girl Ai, Ah! My Goddess, Rorouni Kenshin, Samurai Deeper Kyo, .Hack//Sign, Hellsing, Akira, Ninja Scroll, the list goes on and on. Been playing some Shogun: Total War and Homeworld: Cataclysm, as well as the usual assortment of First Person Shooters. Tried making a Counter-Strike map, it's somewhat difficult and I'm just not getting the feel for it. Been on Furcadia quite a bit lately, and made a good friend on the other side of the US because of it (Hi Melanie! -^.^-). I've also been watching a lot of movies, mainly because of Dad's recent physical difficulties. Ordinary People, The Graduate, Cherry 2000, Lawrence of Arabia, The Full Monty. Lawrence of Arabia and Ordinary People both stick out in that list of names, and I would suggest that almost everyone see them. For a full list of recently viewed films (as well as my ratings of their moral lessons), check out the AFI Viewed Films page. I've been really trying to motivate myself to draw, but it just never really seems to flow well, so I've just ended up with a couple more unfinished sketches. Oh well. And most importantly, The Roman Project is finished. Go read it and write me. Now.

October  23, 2002 12:02 PM EST

Well, I'm sure everybody has been clamoring for some updates judging by those... 0 emails I recieved. Well, that's okay, spirits up! Been a busy couple of weeks lately, all starting with getting dumped. Flash a big smile and move on, that's what I'm doing. My term paper in General Psychology was due yesterday, and being the chronic procrastinator that I am, I waited until the last day to actually write the thing. Was up until 2AM the day it was due, finishing it up, snacking on dried pineapple and walnuts, and slapping on a refrences page. It came out surprisingly well, considering. On the lighter side, I've fallen into a bit of a Dune kick. Went and watched the movie and the television remake, played on DuneMUD, and a few Dune franchise games. I'm still debating what I'd be, Fedaykin or Sardaukar. Probably one of those Atriedes soldiers standing next to Patrick Stewart when he yells "Long live Duke Leto!" and then gets shot. As for the differences between the movie and the remake, I've boiled it down into a few simple comparisons. The movie's Sardaukar look cool. The remake's Sardaukar look like they were dressed up for the Oscars. The movie has killing words. The remake has Barbora Kodetová. I'll live with the lame-looking Sardukar.

September  29, 2002 8:29 PM EST

Finally finished the second part of the home school project, a large paper about the "5 Good Emporers" of the Roman empire. Check it out. Of course none of my friends decided to indulge me and give it a read. *sigh* Can you blame them? Yes. Yes I can. In other news... No, wait, there is no other news. Go read the damn paper and make me feel better.

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September  18, 2002 9:19 AM EST

Went and saw Blue Crush with Jamie on Monday. The movie was pretty good, a bit gratuitous, but generally a good enough movie. Then again, I wasn't really there just to see the movie. I had a good time out with her, and since nothing disastrous happened I'm calling it a success. I'd like to update this page soon (on the assumption that someone reads it) but my schedule looks to be full of either "Work" or "Video Games". That's life for you. I installed a new 80GB Maxtor Hard Drive into Silver ( My computer ) and nearly screwed up the partitions on the original hard drive in the process. Here's a hint for you: Maxtor's auto-formatting software is not only crappy, but dangerous to your current HD. After uninstalling their bloody EZ-BIOS I ended up having to recover my partition data from "Sector 0" where Maxtor thankfully made some backups during the formatting process. Good thing my Dad was there to sit next to me and laugh, because he had scratched a HD in the same fashion years ago and we had made fun of him relentlessly for it. I don't need his bloody help anyways. So, in the end it all worked out, and my parent's Kazaa crap is no longer filling up my hard drive. On a side note, took the first bike ride of the season yesterday. Another few times and I'll be pushing myself to the limit just like I used to. What's the fun if you don't hurt something in the process?

Current Song: Walk Like a Man - Four Seasons

September  2, 2002 11:09 PM EST

Well, it's official. The new site layout is up and running, although it seems some people don't bother to scroll down on any of the pages. Who am I, eh? The real question is this: How do you like it? Feel free to use the email button at the bottom of the page if you have comments. I've got 3 items in the drawing section currently. "The 3 steps to colorization", as I like to call it. Life has it's ups and downs, like always. I'm taking my third semester at the local community college. This time around it's College Algebra, General Psychology, and Spanish II. The latter two classes are pretty fun, but math is math. It's a little rough to be working on both those and the homeschool project, but that's how it goes. I'd like to be writing or drawing more, but it's getting hard to find the time. On the bright side of life, (There always is one, sometimes you just have to go out and find it) I've found one more reason to keep me going through these long days. She knows that she is constantly in my thoughts, and I thank her for not being freaked out by that notion ; ) . To you, the bringer of light to my life, I say this. "The pellet with the poison's in the flagon with the dragon. The vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true." Well, this proves it. I can't be serious for more than a few seconds. If you don't know the reference, I scold you. Go forth and rent "The Court Jester". I bought it ;P.

April 20, 2002

In 21 days I'l be on a plane to Brussles! Dad and I will be leaving the 11th and coming back the 25th. I will spend my birthday (the 20th) in Paris and Luxembourg City. My finals are the week after next. I have aced my Spanish class so far, and I have done quite well in algebra too. I went to Meg's house last night for a little RPG get together with Jamie, and Joy as well. It was interesting, altough we probably did about 10 minutes of actual gaming over 3 hours of smart-ass remarks. . . And that's the way I like it :). I would post pictures, but the group has proved uncooperative in that regard from past events. The trip is really coming together, hotels and the like, and I've still had a chance to work on a few drawings and complete a short story (check the writing section). With the purchase of a new memory card for our semi-new digital camera, there will be plenty of pictures to post from Belgium, France, and Germany!

December 9, 2001

Wow.... I haven't even looked at this page in a while (shudder). I'm going to update the look of my whole portion of the site here, in hopes of making it look semi-presentable. I have been putting more work into homeschooling, both on the web and in real life. I had started Composition classes at the local college back in August, and this Wednesday will be my final exam. Back in August, Thomas, my best friend, was forced to move up to New Jersey with his family. Although it has been difficult, I still play with him over the internet almost every day, and we talk even more frequent than that. We are trying to put together a dual authored story, but we have both had some strain on our time lately. Promises had been made by his parents back when he was in the midsts of moving up north that he would come down to visit for Christmas break, however time and fate have proven the falsehood of those statements. Hopefully with his own dedication  to coming back down for at least a visit, he will eventually succeed.

September-May 2001

  Woo-ee! It has been a long time since I've updated this thing! I'm actually on the road right now, in Springfield, Missouri actually. We are almost half-way through the trip, and tensions are running high. Mom and I started here in Florida with a Grand Marquis rental car (the van would never make it) and drove up to Tallahassee on the first day. The second day, we drove to Mobile, Alabama, where we met up with Dad. After that we had planned on making it to Shreveport, but ended up two hours short in Monroe. We made it to Dallas the next day, where we spent 4 more days. We then headed up to Wichita Falls where we spent the night. After that it was off to Oklahoma City, than Kansas City. We spent a whole day in Kansas City, than proceeded here to Springfield, about 50 miles from Branson. Hopefully we will catch a couple shows in Branson tomorrow and the day after. In Other News: I am allowed to play video games again (Woo! MUD time!). I've been getting into these RPG things. I have just started DMing a Dungeons & Dragons game, while a friend of mine is running a Vampire chronicle. Of course, we are all homeschoolers. On that note, Mom and I took a look at the high school I would be going to next year, if we hadn't decided to HS for another year. All I can say is... Blech. I don't like the school, the principle, what he stands for, the kids, the curriculum, the kids, and the kids. When did the world go so awry? On a lighter note, my birthday is in like 13 days. Woot! I have no clue what to do for it. Well, there isn't much of an update, but it least I have this excuse! Webmaster Jesse signing off-- (Crackle)(Static)

  Well, welcome to a new year everybody. A lot of things have happened in my life recently. I am no longer allowed to play video games of any kind, as stated by my parents during dinner at the "Olive Garden". That was a bit of a shock, and I am still quite unhappy about it. However, there have been a few good changes. I've made a new friend, whom I really like. We share a number of interests and she is homeschooled as well. I've added a few things to my website, including a page that has a few poems I've written, a collection of interesting websites i find once a week, and a couple of javascripts. I currently only have one, which is a count-down of days until the next WWF PPV event. Stone Cold won the Royal Rumble. Bah, indeed. I got that script from http://javascript.internet.com which has a number of scripts to cut and paste into your own pages. I could have easily pulled out the info on the guy who had made the version that tells you how soon till January 1, 2003, but hey, he did a good job. If you just look at it, the javascripts arn't that hard to figure out, so it wasn't very difficult to make it into a PPV countdown.

  "Hi Everybody!" Audiance: "Hi Webmaster Jesse!" "Well you little buckaroos, as you can see it's been a while since my last update on my page! Do you know why?" Audiance "No, Webmaster Jesse, why?" "Well, because I was on another trip! Yes that's right, a three week long excursion! By the end, we were all ready to rip each other apart. I was this close (--) to giving my biological father (ooo. he must be upset to call him that) a good eye-rake. Probably would have gotten a medal for it too." {Laugh Track Plays} "Any-hoo, I still have to write the trip report, but I should have an active link to a page placholder in by the end of today. Also, you should see a new poem by that time too. You know, if anyone is looking at this page, i would really appreciate it if you E-mailed me. Even with just a 'Hi Jesse, I saw your page.' Just let me know someone has actually seen it. BTW, my egg escaped it's shell!

April-August 2000

  Well, I've had the privilage of once again falling in love with one of the best games of all time. EarthBound for the Super NES. This game rocks! My first egg is getting close to hatching, as it seems excited to get out. Once out, I'll cataloge it's statistics. You know, height, weight, batting average, etc. I'm thinking of writing a new story although I havn't decided on a plot yet. I finished my phone, and it works fine, except for a little noise on the line. For once, my parents can tell the difference between the ringing of our two lines, thanks to the unique ring of the phone that Jess built. (I just re-read "The house that Biff Built", one of my fovrite Seaseme Street books from when I was real young). I mean, I can hear the difference, bah, it's probably part of being old. ;)

 Quickly, everyone to the fallout shelters! Belive it or not, I actually updated my selection of the month, and you know what that means! No, locusts won't eat your fields, nor will a 100 story tidal-wave destroy your city. It means that there is another page update! Yes, one thing is never updated, there will always be at least 2 updates. Hmm..... Now that I think about it, this news selection is an update. Well, I guess I don't have to do anything else! I love loopholes. Actually, if you haven't noticed, my writing page has been changed, but the picture page is still in the works. We are having to dig through UK pictures to uncover any of my friends. I got a gold medal on my Moby Dick project, and I am quite proud of it. Check out the homeschool medal tracking page here. I've had the privilege of playing Perfect Dark at one of my friend's house and I must say, it is capital "A" Awesome. I'm also currently working on a build-it-yourself phone, which has fun and frustrating points to it. Another little kit I've tried was this frog dissection kit where you make a fake frog out of plastic and this gel "skin" that you make (looks kinda like green jell-o) and then cut it up and look at the skeleton and organs that you put in there in the first place(hmm...). This, unlike the phone and some other electronic kits, was just plain frustrating and had not a single fun component. Ack.

 It's upgrade time! Over the next few days, Jesse.htm will be upgraded from v.5b (yes, this was all one big beta test ;]) to v1.0. That's right, I will no longer deny any existence of this page. You should be seeing a few big changes, like better backgrounds, total reconstruction of a few pages (like the SotM Archives) and better sorting and showing of information. Meaning I'm following our family motto: Tables, tables, tables! Actually, this should help make my site look better by making it easier to read and understand. The picture page for my friends is still being worked on, along with a Halloween and Easter-egg page for the main site.

 My parents are making me do web pages as homeschool assignments, but due to the fact that this is my page, and that I don't want to show off web pages I was forced to make as part of my own page, they will usually be linked off the homeschooling page. A Selection of the Month history page has been added. I have also decided that a picture page of my friends would be a welcome addition, and so it is currently in the works.

 My dad has been taking up the computer, thus restricting my time for updating. He has been working on a lot of his pages, mainly the travel and president pages. they have really improved. I'm looking for more data to put on my site when I can actually use the computer. If you have any ideas, send them to me using the E-mail button on the bottom of my page. The mutiny story has been put on hold, for I have to use my time on a project about the book "Moby Dick". It was originally going to be a three-scene diorama, but that didn't work out, so I am now working on illustrating the last moments of the Pequod. I hope this one works out better. Look for my site being updated some this next week, when I actually get to work on the computer without interruptions. Created favorite things list and favorite literary works page.

 I got my new glasses today! For once, I can actually see across my room. Average school work. Currently working on a new piece of fiction about a mutiny on a starship. I hope it turns out well. (Note: As you can probably see, the Screen Shot of the Day has been removed. This is do to my unpredictable schedule.)

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