The Man Who Fell To Earth 

November 17, 2000

Story Summary Written by Jesse

Thomas Jerome Newton lands on earth. He is not from Earth of course, but rather from a planet called Anthia. Anthians are roughly humanoid, but with a few differences from us. Anthia sent Newton to earth to give his population a chance to survive. A long time ago, Anthia was a lot like Earth, but, after the continual dropping of nuclear bombs, is just a shadow of it's former self. Newton's plan starts out with making a few hundred dollars by selling rings to pawn shops. He then meets up with a lawyer, Mr. Farnsworth. He shows Farnsworth some patents, and tells him that within 5 years, he would need to get together at least 500 million dollars. Farnsworth tentatively tells him that it might be possible. Newton and Farnsworth start a company together using Newton's advanced inventions.

Bryce, a professor working a mundane job at a university, mainly on weapons of war, becomes interested in the W.E. Corporation after watching a movie made by them with amazing color capture technology. Bryce's interest in the company is fueled on by the discovering of W.E. Corporation self-developing film and non-gunpowder cap gun caps. By then, Newton's brilliant inventions have transformed World Enterprises into a thriving company. Bryce finds out more about W.E. and it's creator, Thomas Newton. He starts to believe that Newton is either the smartest man on earth... Or an alien.

Newton is incapacitated for a few weeks do to his frail body. Since the gravity was lower on Anthia, all actions on earth were a lot harder to do for him. While he was on an elevator, going up to see a business partner, the elevator accelerated too quickly, and he was crushed by the increased strain. He was a mess for a few weeks, only alive thanks to the medicine form Anthia that he kept in a false aspirin box. A woman from the elevator, Betty Jo, had taken care of him while he was having trouble, and he now temporarily boarded with her till he was well enough to be moved again. When that time came, he asked her if she would like to join him. She agrees, although reluctantly at first. Back at his mansion in Kentucky, she becomes his caretaker, running errands for him and joining him in drinks of gin, which she got him hooked on.

Bryce is eventually hired to work for W.E. Corporation and is put to work on a space ship. He notices some thing odd in the plans though. The all the mathematical computations are in base 12. This brings back the thought that maybe, Mr. Newton is an alien, for what human would count in base twelve? Bryce spends more time with Newton and is constantly coming back with the thought of him being an alien. He eventually decides to find out and sets up an x-ray camera. When he takes the developed film back to the lab, he finds the answer. Thomas Jerome Newton was not of this earth.

Bryce goes with Newton to a convention of scientists and finally asks him that night. Newton answered his question, telling Bryce of his travels on Earth and how his people wanted to save the Earth form nuclear war, and then live on it. Newton than mentioned that Bryce should already know that because of the x-ray pictures. Bryce was amazed that Newton knew. Newton than went on to explain that he could see on higher wavelengths than humans and that he had seen the flash of the x-rays. They both returned home and when they got there, Newton's manservant (with a couple of FBI officials) arrested Newton and took him in for questioning.

He is held there for weeks, constantly being interrogated. The head of the CIA finally talks to him and lets him know how they found out about him. Newton than learns that he had been watched since his first time in Kentucky, where he was selling rings for much less than they would cost to create. Newton had been wondering why they hadn't tried to torture him, and the CIA man responded that they would have, had they not already known that it would drive him crazy if they did. They had been monitoring his pulse, number of eyelid blinks, everything they could. Up till then, Newton had been defending himself by telling them that he was just a freak, and a man who had spent his entire life in the mountains, But then the head of the CIA mentioned an aspirin box that Newton had been carrying at first, but had thrown away in a garbage can.

The CIA guy said that the inscription on the back was just scribbles, not actual letters, like you would see if you saw one on TV. He then said that he believed Newton as an alien, and that his people had seen that box on TV and had made a copy of it. He then provided further evidence with the recording of Newton's confession to Bryce. They had been bugging his rooms from the start, and had planted men in his organization. But, now they let him go. The CIA man then asked Newton to help them build weapons, but Newton continually declined saying that he was not a scientist, and that he was chosen for this mission for his physical strength alone. Newton had asked the CIA man if he was going to tell everybody about it, but he had just laughed and said that if he did, no one would believe him. So, he let him go, ending his holding with the words "You know, you will never have any privacy. We will be watching you".

He was escorted to the front of the building where some FBI people started taking some tests. The final test was an x-ray eye test. Newton tried to explain to the men that if they used that, it would damage his eyes, for he saw on different wavelengths, but they did not believe him. So, they went through with the test and blinded Newton, the final step in showing just how unfriendly the Earth would have been to his people.

After a number of months, Bryce tracked Newton down to his local bar hang out. There, Newton sat every day, sipping at his gin and saying little. Bryce pleaded with him to continue his quest to save the Earth, but Newton just laughed and said there would be no point. If he did try to go any further, he would eventually be stopped. The CIA wouldn't let him launch his ship, and if they did, they would pick it up on the way back. And if it didn't pick it up then, they would eventually grab all of his people, and maybe blind them too! Now Newton continues to go to his bar and drink his gin, and Bryce and Betty Jo are set up to get married, and the world is ready to do what Anthia had done so long ago. Destroy itself with it's own blindness.


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