Words to Live By

Everyone has gifts. Everyone has foils.  


Lyn's Enigmas

Some things in life are perplexing


Setting My Watch

Baking Cookies

I can  walk customers through intricate technical problems on how to clear their computers cache, cookies, history,  how to set up tier  Bank accounts and payments on-line.

I have mastered Excel, Power Points, publishing web pages

I have written technical manuals on fraud management  processes,  Customer Service Excellence, and Oracle program use.

I can take apart and repair a Washer and Dryer

Finally, after 2 years, I have learned to run the DVD

However ...  have to ask my son to set my electronic watch

I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 135 people-full appetizers to deserts ... and it was all loved and praised.

I make up meals on the fly when I get home from work  from whatever is left in the fridge and my family raves.

I am an expert in cooking Polish and Hungarian cuisine.

I can tell by a recipe how something will taste and know what will make it better

I have been cooking since I was 6 years old

However ... I  cannot bake cookies from the refrigerator section of the supermarket. Even if  they are pre cut and on their own pan, My family has asked me to give up. They always come out runny or burnt.



Punching an on-line time clock

Planting in Florida

I can turn thousands of Classic Visa's into Platinum

II can arrange the Rewards program for major banks

I can write code in BASIC and HTML

I can build web sites from scratch

And, I can bring back a credit unions business using customer service, simple empathy and manners.

However ... I cannot punch an electronic time clock correctly.

I have planted 54 trees successfully

I have planted 10 varieties and 128 bushes

I have planted and harvested from fruiting trees

I have grown Bird of Paradise and Orchids

I have even created a new type of plant through propagation

However ... I cannot plant tomatoes successfully in Florida



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Last Update September 9, 2007