My Favorite Pictures  

                                                        nap time 1wk  MI                                                              after bath 8mths MI                                        crawling everywhere with mom 6months

                                                 fruit box break                                                                     Back to work                                                         With Mom its alwasy FUN!!!                

                                                                    Jesse and Dad do EVERYTHING  Together!!

                                               3yrs   old playing at  Nowlin Elementary School Playground in    MI                                              18 yrs old who would have thought?

                            House in Michigan                             Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtle  Birthday

                                      MIch 91 4 rs old                                                         Florida College AA Grade 4.0                               They grow up so very fast!-2yrs MI 89



Jesse 2006

Christmas in Florida 2005

They grow up so very fast....4 yrs to 17yrs old

1991 Jesse "PreSchool" in Dearborn 

 2005  Home School Ends
(College Degree AA  4.0 )

Jesse and Lyn  Nov 1987

Jesse and Dave Oct 1987

Dave and his Soccer Team  1993

Jesse and Mom Always Laughing and Playing  1989

Halloween 1997

Autumn in Michigan -- 1989


Mom goes to work, son comes home - 2006

Family Time 2005        

Still Wing Fans- We already miss Steve Yzerman

Dave, Laughing as usual


As I get Older My Hair gets shorter. 5/2007 (and grayer)






Windmills of Holland


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