Fun Things to Watch, Do and Laugh About

The Daily Show
A funnier and more accurate look at
the news

The Colbert Report

The Ultimate Farce


Colbert Nation
 I Love this Guy

I Just Wanna Be Your Steve McQueen
(The song and video)


Sing the Countries

Sing the States

Pinky and the Brain

Parts of the Brain

The Pellet with the Poison -Danny Kaye


Songs and Lyrics

Rhymes with Orange cartoon's

Weird Al Yankovic


One More Minute   *(Personal Favorite) *

Don't Download this song

White and Nerdy

Burn Notice

In Plain Sight


Law and Order:Criminal Intent



The VIllage Voice
A Thinking persons look at the news

Mark Fiore Political Cartoon Videos
At times exceptionally Funny

Click here for: the ultimate feel good pill

The Onion ... Sarcastic assholes place for news
The pranks are hilarious, especially the
Colon Cleansing gig.


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Last Update: November 17, 2007