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WARNING... MEN will probably PASS Out.

I have just come home from a total hysterectomy by Davinci robotics.  I am 52 and had an ablation done 3 years ago and stopped bleeding. at that time. I had three fibroid tumors less than 2 cm each. In the last six months I began experiencing pain and month long dark bleeding and started to pass kidney stones. They found the fibroid tumor looking for kidney stones (I had passed two and still have a large one) at that time they found a 8.4 cm fibroid tumor. Went to my gyno and she did a transuterine ultrasound and said she did not think it was that big but lets see if I was in perimenapause. (I am still fertale as a bunny).So her hopes for the tumor to shrink was dashed.

We tried hormones which have always made me ill (could not take birth control pills) and of course I began throwing up every morning. I do not understand why they have to say the tumor size by how big your uterius is as if you were pregnant. I am now 16weeks (that must be one ugly baby!) and after going back and forth over should we take the overies or just the uterious, etc etc I think we came to the decision we are going to take it all. Unless we run into something unexpected. so we have set the date as my gyno is one of the top in the area using the davinci..kinda creepy looking robotic spidery thing but she is really really good...just OCD ( which is how I like all of my doctors) then as I am signing all of the FMLA and short term disability papers we get the results from the kidney stones that I also have a high parathyroid test meaning one of my parathyroids has a tumor in it. Needless to say I feel like C**p.

I have two men in my home, my 23 year old son and 35 years of marrage husband, both of whom are bipolar. ( I am starting to have very wierd thoughts of maybe not waking up from this might be the best thing for me) I am so very tired all of the time and nauseated . I have pain from Bad fibromyalgia and take pain patches (fentenyl) for that and vicoden to cover when that dosen't work, I take xanax and flexerial so I can sleep and xanax when the anxiety and stress just gets to be too much.

Ok now i am whinning. I'm sorry but I don't know how much more of this emotional hormone ride I can take. its looking like I am going to go from a hystorectomy to parathyroid surgery. Will I have a job when all of this is done? health insurance? Were is the public option when we need it? So that is my story as of this month. I get up throw up go to work throw up work a stressful job all day and come home to stress. Im so sorry for could be so much more worse. I'm just so very tired. Am I going to make it through this and will it actually make me feel any better? Thanks for listening

May 15th home and uterless. I do have the greatest although most Totally streessed and OCD, hard to follow Gynocologist in the world (see reminds me of me, truely, I know how my customers feel when I talk to them after I talk to her...well taken care of and exhausted)

They took out two tumors on the size orf a plum and the other the size of a cornish hen (her words exactly) everything came out with them , the uterus the fallopean tubes, the overies, all except the cervix..only because when they do robotic surgery they have you tipped on your head and my eyes were swelling too much for being in surgery too long (3.5 hrs) . Besides she said I never had a bad pap smear and there was no genetic history for anything like that in my past and I would still need to have paps and check ups with her every year anyway. It also will allow for a better base to keep things from falling down,  and of course a better sex life..

I came away like I had stayed in a hotel. Truely they had just finished the rooms and I felt like I was staying at a four star hotel . Wide screen flat TV, great menus, people at my beck and calls. Hard wood flors and Frank Lloyed Wright mid thirties contemporay styling. and A private room. All prorvided by Contemporary Womans care. In case you live anywhere near the Gulf and Clearwater or Pinellas county Go see Dr. Stephanie Vanzandt. She is the best.

They try to keep you ahead of the pain there so They never let me get beyond a 2 (1-10) in pain control (which is hard to do for me  with the Fibro and all but thye did a darn good job.) I had marveless nurse named Bridgett and a great aide name Henrieta.

My best friend El came and saw me the first day...that really brightened my day...I could not ask for a better friend. And of Course Dave was there the entire time.

At home its a little harder because  I forget that my insides have been rearranged (again) and sitting up and down and bending are no no's for awile. I wish oxycoden or percacet actually did something to me ...but my pain patch is keeping the pain under control as best as can be.

Now lets hope I can get the parathyroid Dr. to agree that the parathyroid tumor needs to come out before they change my insurance from 100% coverage to 80%  coverage. Thank you greedy republicans and your blood sucking insurance companies and your lobbiests (which should never be allowed NEAR Washington) It is becuase of you that my company had to raise our rates this year... and please do not try to squeem or rationalizations your way out of it...your in it for the money . You could give a crap about people.


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