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                 No Man or women knows what  perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century...Mark Twain

What is Marrage?

Its Trust and Faith that your partner is always going to be there for you. Not always agreeing with what you are doing or saying, but being next to you and supporting your endeavors, trials, celebrations and dark times.

It's the holding and closeness while you look through each others eyes into each others souls and seeing the fragile person who depends on your love and compassion.

It's the sexual excitement of experimentation, the fun of egging each other to push the physical envelope and the complete oneness and intimacy that is generated from sharing all of your most private thoughts and fantasies.

Its feeling like the two of you can take on the world as long as you have each other, and using that oneness to get you through times when it feels like one of you have nothing left to give.

Its listening, listening and listening again. And being able to do it without inserting your judgements.

Its feeling like you really want to run away and never have to deal with them again.

Its wanting to be able to help your partner be the best that they can be.  With a gentle touch meant to calm, or a nudge meant to incite.

It is a small flower growing in a crack of cement:  an acorn becming a mighty oak. 

Its wondering how you ever ended up like this, and what would have happened if you did not meet him.

Its laughing at the same jokes, just because he enjoys it so much

Iis putting all of your trust in thier hands and  the hurt that goes along with that when you find out that they are human.

Its learning to love all of those little things that bothered you before

Its defending thier honor and never letting anyone get between the two of you

Its knowing that  you will always have a hand to hold, Arms to protect you, and someone who thinks that you are the best thing in the whole world.

It's feeling respected and cherished.

Its being the protector, the keeper of the flame, and willing to forgive and forget just because the world would not feel right without them.

Its being the best you can be, because the other deserves the best that you can give.

Its going to therapy for 15 years, well because damn it, your not going to give up on him and he's not going to give up  on you.

Its that feeling of thrill deep inside whenever they walk into a room.

Its pride, and empathy and love that you have for someone else before yourself.

Its knowing that everything, no matter how bad, can be made less painful by lying in each others arms.


Original Written July 2007
Uploaded & Last Update: July 2007