Lyn's Mini-Bio Since Edsel Ford

Date: 03/15/2010

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Lynette Williams   Attended Edsel Ford High School From 1973-1976;
President  of Music Club and Student Council , Rabble Rouser and Bain of existence to Principle and Instructors , Pround liberal homeschool Mom and now Workforce Mule in order  to be able to get the measly and overpriced health Insurance for my Family that lines the pockets ot the evil Insurance companies pockets. (you people will end up in hell you know)

      I marriried Dave a fellow EF alumni from the class of 77. I home schooled my only child, who at the age of 14 went to college earning a 4.0 and AA by the age of 17. He is now 20 and in his senior year in premed. He has  already been recruited for a MD-PHD program, and while attending his classes he is currently doing research in genetics; in particular the braca 1 gene in breast cancer. Yes, I am a proud mother; although like any young adult he has his days, and like most people he has his demons to deal with. He has his fathers intelligence and wit and his mothers heart and conscience and a moral code that he was graced with at birth. (My Son now 22 has a physical illness that he has to take massive anounts of pills for. It is an inherited gene that was passe down to him by his father. It has taken years to get him stablelized while trying to stay in school with my insurance company fighting us every six months to get him kicked off my policy. He know has downsized his dreams and is going to become a computer engineer, Perhaps later in his careeer combining that with neuralmicrobiology. It has taken its tole on all of us...all except the insurance company who can now own my son's soul if he needs coverage. Did I say I HATE Insurance companies and how they can ruin peoples lives? I pray nightly for the Public Option to pass and bless the 41 senator that have signed the bill..too bad they did not have enough guts to do it earlier for all  of us who are being crushed by the health Insurance companies (the "good" ones" that you get at "Good jobs", Mine is United Heatlth Care)

Thanks to my husbands job, I have been to or through  all of Continental North America and a good deal of Europe. My husband was a consultant for a large computer company, (no not Microsoft, we live VERY modestly) and what better classroom then traveling the US and the world. It was the "golden part" of our lives, and we have memories that could fill many peoples lifetimes.

But, due to unfortunate life circumstances we had to sell, earlier then financially planned,  Our house in our Stepford-like subdivision.  (Its ok, it was a good investment but I really hated living there.  We did not fit in, the neighbors were snobs, my grass was never green enough my mulch not fluffed to the right height and the only thing I miss is the pool. No, I NEVER owned an SUV or stepped a foot inside a country club.) My husband feell ill due to the the same gene that causes my son problems above and also due to the  exhaustion and physical demamnds of his job.,(Degenerative Disc diseasse, and unexplained Migranes at least twice a week and Vertigo that lets him get to know peoples floors at a personal  level. Along with a couple of other wildly bad stuff that  people do not usual have happen to them until thier 70's or 80's.  I found myself, at 46 (now 52)ripe years of age, pounding the pavement and looking for work with a 25 year old, partial degree from U of M.. That equals zippo in the business world. I worked my way up in a Large Financial Service from a call center job, to Supervisor, to a Visa/MasterCard Fraud Management Analyst , and then received a huge promotion to Account Manager for 22 credit unions from all over the country . Its a totally stress filled job that I come home from wildly eshausted but happy that I can pay (barely) the insurance bills for my husband son  and myslef and the pharmacy bills. Although if the insurance company has thier way I will not be able to do that for long either. I also have diabetes and kidney and gynocology problems......DID I SAY I WANTE D THE PUBLIC OPTION LOUD ENOUGH SO THAT YOU RICH Greedy Selfish REPULICANS CAN HEAR ME AS YOU PLAY GOLF AND EAT IN FANCY RESTAURANTS AND STAY AT C STREET... And WHO HAVE SLOWED DOWN THIS BILL SO THAT THIER INSURANCE FRIEND BUDDIES CAN KEEP LINING THIER POCKETS? WHILE THOUSANDS OF SICK , YOUNG  AND OLD AMERICANS DIE?

 I really do not do a lot of traveling these days as it is hard to take a vacation when you are the main point of contact for 22 financial institutions, and financially, George W Bush has ruined my very middle class existence. Besides, I do live in a paradise , dolphins, manatees and herons,  if only they would stop building all of those damn condos that are blocking the view.(for the Insurance Copany Executives and the Republican policians) I live by some of the whitest beaches in the world (but I cannot walk on them becauset hey have been cut off from public use for the private use of the people who live in those very large and extremely expense condos...and those  are....can you guess?)and I entertain myself by dodging hurricanes and trying to invent ways to keep mold from growing under shower mats. (no luck as of yet)

I have owned homes in Colorado, Grand Rapids, Dearborn from 84-92, in Utah on a mountain overlooking a large valley and now here in Florida. I guess I am happy, because life is what you make of it. Some, who have had the misfortune to sit through my entire life story,  would say my life has been harder then most, especially of late, but I don't see the benefit of dwelling on the downside. I can see beauty, love, and enchantment in more then sunrises, I can also see it in gray skies.

My close friend from high school passed a long time ago so I never really made any class reunions..besides, I got fat, then thin, then fat then thin...well you know how life goes. I finally went back to Dearborn for my mothers funeral in 2004. I had not been there in over 12 years. I went again for the fall in 2005 and visited old haunts. My  family home has been sold, and  the neighbors who where like  parents to me have all died or moved so it didn't feel "right" anymore. But then neither does anywhere else.

I guess that's the downside of being the adult now.

I had close calls with death and prosperity, and thankfully never fully realized either. I've had my share of adventure and terror and despair and jubilation. In other words, I have lived life. I am happy about some choices I have made and sad about others, but mostly I am glad to still be here and enjoying the things of beauty that this world has to offer. Now if only we could have a Health Insurance with a Public Option I would not have to worry myself SICK.


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