2000 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs (April / May 2000)

Round-by-Round and Game-by-Game recap of the NHL Playoff Games

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Round #1 Western Division


Round #1 Eastern Division


Round #2 Western Division

Round #2 Eastern Division

Conference Finals

2000 Stanley Cup Finals


And the Pittsburgh Penguins win!!

Stanley Easter Egg Cup 2000
(very very bad prognosticators)

Easter arrived at the end of the first round of Stanley Cup 2000.
With only eight eggs ready to dye, we made our Easter Egg theme
the Stanley Cup playoffs teams. A ninth broken egg was decorated 
as the ref. Because the series were not finished, we had to guess on 
the Sharks over Blues and Leafs over Senators. Our guesses were 
right, and if the eggs foretell the future, this is how it will go:

Avalanche over Red Wings <right>, Sharks upset Stars <wrong>
Penguins upset Flyers <wrong>, Leafs over Devils <wrong>

Avalanche over Sharks <wrong>, Penguins upset Leafs <wrong>

Penguins over Avalanche (For Stanley Egg Cup) <it was still fun>
(Each losing team, and the winner, was eaten by giants)

Final League Standings April 2000


Stanley Cup 1999 Stanley Cup 2001

First Upload: April 2000
Last Update: June 7, 2002