2006 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs (April / May 2006)

Round-by-Round and Game-by-Game recap of the NHL Playoff Games (cursor flyover for game scores)

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Mon Jun 20, 2006

Stanley Cup 2003 Stanley Cup 2007

Round #1 Western Division

3-2 (2 OT)4-2 at Det4-3 (2 OT)4-2 at Edm3-2 at Det4-3

8th Seed

5-2 Rout at Dal5-4 (OT) at Dal4-3 OT4-1 at Col3-2 (OT) at Dal

7th Seed

2-1 (OT)4-3 at Cal5-2 at Ana3-2 (OT)3-22-13-0 at Cal

6th Seed

4-3 3-0 at Nsh4-15-42-1 at Nsh

5th Seed

Round #1 Eastern Division

4-14-3 at Ott8-4 Rout at Tpa5-2 at Tpa3-2

1st Seed

6-1 at Car6-5 (2 OT) at Car2-1 (OT) at Mon3-2 at Mon2-12-1 (OT) at Mon

2nd Seed

6-14-13-0 at NYR4-2 at NYR

3rd Seed

3-2 (2 OT)8-2 Rout4-25-43-07-1 at Phl

4th Seed

Round #2 Western Division

5th Seed8th Seed

2-12-13-2 (3 OT)6-36-3 at SJ2-0

8th Seed

6th Seed7th Seed

5-03-04-3 (OT) at Col4-1 at Col

6th Seed

Round #2 Eastern Division

1st Seed4th Seed

7-6 (OT) at Ott2-1 at Ott3-2 (2 OT)2-13-2 at Ott

4th Seed

2nd Seed3rd Seed

6-03-2 (OT)3-2 at NJ5-14-1

2nd Seed

Conference Finals

6th Seed8th Seed

3-1 at Ana3-1 at Ana5-46-3 at Edm2-1 at Ana

8th Seed

2nd Seed4th Seed

3-2 at OTT4-34-34-0 at Buf4-3 (OT)2-1 OT4-2

2nd Seed

2006 Stanley Cup Finals

2nd Seed8th Seed

5-45-02-12-1 at EDM4-3 (OT) at CAR4-03-1

2nd Seed

Current League Standings April 3, 2006

Stanley Cup 2003 Stanley Cup 2007

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