Trip Summary Page
Trip Summary Page
Florida to Philadelphia
Philadelphia: Franklinmania
Philadelphia to New York
Coney Island, Brooklyn
World Trade Center, Wall Street
Natural History, Empire State Bldg
Modern Art, United Nations

New York! New York!

Day 1:

Travel to Philadelphia, Art Museum

Day 2 - Philadelphia: Franklinmania

Day 3 - Philadelphia to New York

Day 4 - Coney Island, Brooklyn

Day 2:

Liberty Bell


Day 3:

Leave Philadelphia
Statue of Liberty
Jersey Shore

Day 4:

Coney Island,
Met Museum

Day 5 - World Trade Center, Wall Street

Day 6 - Natural History, Empire State Bldg

Day 7 - Modern Art, United Nations

Day 5:

World Trade Center
Wall Street
Lower Manhattan


Day 6:

Today Show
Empire St Bldg

Day 7:

United Nations,
fly home.

In March of 2000, we went on a seven day trip to Philidelphia and New York.
You may click on a link on a picture or button to view each day from our trip.


Written entirely by: Jesse

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