Chapter Ten

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May 7-8, 2001

Kansas City to Springfield, Missouri

Dave is Working
On It

Our morning in Kansas City started with a visit to the Hallmark Cards visitor center. There were many interesting displays about the company history, the creative process to make a greeting card, and the mechanical process to print one. The different technology to gold leaf, raise letters and shapes, and custom cut were unexpectedly complex.

Dave and Jesse at the Hallmark Card Center, Kansas City MO

Lyn and Jesse with a bow making machine, Hallmark Cards Visitor Center, Kansas City MO

They also rightfully tooted their horn about sponsoring the famous "Hallmark Hall of Fame" series of television dramas but did not mention the forthcoming "Hallmark Channel".

Dave and Jesse at President Truman Grave, Truman Library, Independence MO

See our President Truman PicturesWe drove out to Independence, Missouri and the Harry Truman Library and Museum. We had visited here previously, in February 1993, during our relocation from Detroit out to Utah. That visit had been in the dead of winter and with a blizzard approaching, so we wanted some pictures in beautiful springtime and with Jesse just a wee bit taller this time.

Can you imagine our surprise to find the museum inner courtyard entirely torn up for reconstruction? The racket from the several small Bobcat front loaders was distracting, but it finally became comical when we found the "perpetual flame" unearthed and sitting beneath a nearby tree.

Oh well, next time we're in Kansas City.

Truman Gravesite under renovation, Truman Library, Independence MO

Massive renovation at the Truman Gravesite, Truman Library, Independence MO

After the Truman Library, we stopped in nearby Unity Village to visit the somewhat famous religious group. Then  we headed south out of town. On our way to Springfield, Missouri, we stopped to take these pictures of the beautiful sunset and moonrise.

This was  just a funny sign, the logical midpoint that started with routes "A", "B", and "C". It made us sing Gordon Lightfoot's new song "The No-Hotel".

We arrived in Springfield too late to visit the "Fantastic Caverns", so we headed off to bed at another Courtyard. In the morning we visited the Caverns, the city, and then drove on to Branson, Missouri in time for a dinner show.Hard to believe we passed up the words first and largest "Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World".

We spent the better part of two hours taking the tour of the "Fantastic Caverns". Having already been to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, these were pretty standard fare. The tourguide was informative and the tour was provided by Jeep and trailer, so it required minimal walking. If you are near Springfield, you should certainly take time to visit the Fantastic Caverns.

After visiting the caverns and having lunch, we took one last spin around Springfield and took this picture of the unique building for the Sweetheart Cup factory.

Now it is on to Branson for three days of shows.

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