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A Sunday in Central Texas

LYNDON JOHNSON - Johnson City, TX - LBJ Ranch
36th President
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My new job was with a major manufacturing company in Ogden, Utah, and we were proceeding on many projects (tieing me to my desk) and building a new home (tieing me to the land). Out of the blue, the advertisement for the national conference for APICS (the American Production and Inventory Control professional society) arrived announcing the conference location to be in SAN ANTONIO. It was obvious that I would need to convince my boss of my requirement to attend, which he went along with unexpectedly easily. I scheduled my plane ticket to have me arrive a day early, so I could make my way out to Johnson City.

I arrived in San Antonio on a Sunday morning, and immediately pointed the rental car northward. The central part of Texas was surprisingly (to me) green, hilly, and tree covered. Everything I knew about Texas geography were backdrops behind John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. I expected brown, dusty, dry land, maybe with a tumbleweed blowing down the street. Of course San Antonio itself is a beautiful metropolitan city. Its "riverwalk" area is a treasure, and outstanding by any standard. However, my surprise came once I left the city and hit the back highways. Delightfully surprised by the lush green trees (often times clinging to the banks of small creeks) and beautiful rolling hills. Sometimes I took the hills a little too fast but the overall driving experience was a delight.

Grave of Lyndon Johnson: Johnson City TexasI arrived at the LBJ ranch, and took the NPS tour like the other hundred tourists. Why anybody would want to see a "working ranch" eludes me. The anecdotal information about the house and guest house and its various famous visitors was also of very small entertainment value to me. The grave site was centrally located, in a small family cemetery surrounded by a low rock wall. LBJ's grave was marked with a black marble obelisk, and I took a few pictures. Nearby was a twice lifesize statue of the President, striking a pose in his business suit, representing the Washington "deal-maker" that brought him fame. I drove onto Austin, Texas, to see the capitol and the LBJ library on the UT campus. It was a modern building with an interesting mural, but otherwise uninspiring to me personally. From there it was back to San Antonio, arriving in the dark, onto my conference, then finally flying home to Utah. Five presidents to go.

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