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President Sites Visited

Other Notable Sites

Oct 1985

Ohio Color Tour



Apr 1986

Ohio Weekend Drive



Oct 1986

Boston / Montreal

Fillmore, Arthur,
Van Buren, Adams, 
Pierce, Coolidge

South Meeting House

July 1987

Midwest Mediocrity

WH Harrison, Taylor,
B Harrison


July 1991

Washington / Richmond

Kennedy & Taft,
Monroe & Tyler,
Jefferson & Madison,
Wilson, Washington

Arlington Cemetery,
Washington Mnmt,
Monticello, MtVernon,
Vietnam Memorial

Oct 1992

First Trip West

Lincoln, Hoover

Ford Library [+]
Mormon Site (Nauvoo)

Feb 1993

Trip Across America

Garfield, McKinley,
A Johnson, 
Jackson & Polk,
Truman, Eisenhower

Mormon Sites:
Kirtland, OH
Independence, MO

Aug 1992

Santa Barbara

Reagan Library,
Nixon Library [?]

Oct 1993

Texas Convention

LBJ Ranch,
Reagan Speech

LBJ Library Austin,
The Alamo

Nov 1993

Final Five
Philadelphia / NYC
(All Done!)

Buchanan, FDR,
Grant, Roosevelt, 

Independence Hall,
Statue of Liberty
Wall St / Federal Bldg

Aug 95

Try Again
(All Done Again!)

Nixon Gravesite


Sep 97

Family to WashDC

Wilson (finally!), JFK [+]

All of Washington!

Feb 98

Nashville / Atlanta

Carter Library 

Mammoth Caves
MLKing Grave

Apr 98

Albany/Buffalo Trip

Fillmore [+]

Mormon Site:
Hill Cummorah

Oct 99

Balt / Phil / NYC
(Gettysburg Trip)

Buchanan [+],
Cleveland [+],
Grant[+], FDR [+]

Fort McHenry,
Gettysburg Battlefield
Valley Forge,
Washington Crossing

Dec 2000


Andrew Johnson

Bright Blue Skies this Time

Aug 2002

LA Return

Nixon (Digital Camera)

Grave, Panaramas, 3D

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November 1993

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