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Franklin Roosevelt

Hyde Park, NY

Franklin Roosevelt Presidential Library and Grave Site

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Franklin and Eleanor lie interred in their rose garden, a peaceful and contemplative scene. Their Hyde Park, NY
home is on the banks of the Hudson River a place of spectacular natural beauty, particularly in autumn. The
house, gravesite, library and museum and Eleanor's private cottage are located among scenic hills and neighboring mansions.

The internment site, in the former rose garden 
of the Roosevelt Hyde Park home (11/93)

The burial site is located on the grounds between the
house and presidential library and museum. (11/93)

This bust of FDR stands outside his presidential
library one of the first ever built for a
sitting President (11/93).

The FDR memorial on the Mall 
in Washington DC (9/97)

The monument is located near the memorials
to Korea and Vietnam veterans (9/97)

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