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John F Kennedy

Arlington National Cemetery

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President Kennedy's burial site, prominent within Arlington National Cemetery is well known to most
American's from television. The small plateau is directly below the famous Robert E Lee homestead
and offers a commanding view across the Potomac to the Lincoln Memorial, Washington
Monument, and US Capitol building. A series of famous quotations are engraved nearby

Kennedy's famous eternal flame still burned twenty
eight years after his untimely death. (7/91)

An entire generation of Americans can recall where
they were when they first learned that President
Kennedy had been killed (7/91)

The Presidential Limousine from his fateful visit
to Dallas can be seen at the Henry Ford
Museum in Dearborn, MI (2/96)

On our recent visit, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 
had joined her President husband. (9/97)

Our visit to Dallas included a stop near the famous
grassy knoll overlooking Dealey Plaza. This particular
Sunday evening, the bearded man was enthralling a
group of visitors by describing the events of that 
famous day, answering any question at any level of
detail about the killing, the subsequent investigation,
or any person involved in the events in any way. We 
purchased a CD with the Zapruder film clip and 
other bits of information but skipped the 
 nearby "sixth floor" museum. (5/2001)

To take our picture, Lyn is standing almost on the grassy knoll. Zapruder was standing atop the marble outcrop pictured to our right. The book depository building is off to the left, just out of this picture. The red building you see is the Dallas jail where Oswald and Ruby had their famous encounter. A small red "X" is painted on the pavement, by JFK hobbyists, and then repainted by the city with black to disguise it. It is surreal how everybody who visits Dallas comes here, yet no effort is made by the city to publicize the location or memorialize the site. We found a much different approach upon our visit to Oklahoma City a few days later. (5/2001)

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