October 2001

Lyn & Jesse See all the Sights

Working On It
One Big Project!

We had visited Orlando dozens of times, even having Annual Passes to Disney World on three different occasions. When Dave had a three day easy assignment in Orlando, Lyn and Jesse tagged along specifically to see the secondary attractions, things we had never taken the time to visit. The played at Disney Gameworks, and visited Splendid China, Guiness Book of World Records, and the new Holy Land Experience.

Splendid China



Holy Land

Bob Ross

Lyn and Jesse Visit "Splendid China"

Our Links:

Disney GameWorks

Guiness Book of World Records

Holy Land Experience

Bob Ross - Famous TV Artist

When traveling, Dave often consults the Find-a-Grave web site to see if any famous people are buried in or near his destination. When checking Orlando, he found that Bob Ross, the semi-famous Painter from the PBS Series ("a little rock lives right here") had passed away, was interred in Orlando, and did not have a picture on the web site. We did the duty to add his picture.

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