Knights at our House

December 1993

Our Own Renaissance Festival

Friends through Dave's work, Eric and Melissa, belonged to a medieval reenactors group called the SCA.  The Utah chapter met weekly in the evenings, weaving armor and chainmail, practicing medieval customs and crafts, and generally having fun. After the ease of hosting our house construction party, we were the logical choice to host the Utah SCA annual Christmas Faire. Usually they would use a local church hall, but instead brought the tables and chairs, costumes and equpment to our house. They even provided period costumes (and names) for us. Dave was "Henry", Lyn was "Raven", and Jesse was "???" for the evening. They brought the food, and entertained each other by singing madrigals. We supped on fowl, grain, and spiced wine by our rolling fireplace. Dave received permission from the local police for the knights to have an archery tournament, and they later "jousted" (blunt sword play) in our immense basement. The evening was turned over to arts and crafts with singing, flute playing and general merriment for all. What a memorable Saturday we had.

The Hosts




The Hosts: Henry and Raven

Our castle, ready for our medieval guests
We were provided with period dress and names

Archery Competition

The first competition was for medieval archery. The homesite across the street was started and made a natural, safe amphitheater for the targets. The group brought the hay bales and targets.

Contestants used home crafted authentic bows and completed at short and long distances. We were each allowed to try a shot, but succeeded in only hurting our arms and not actually discharging an arrow at all.

Dave received permission of the local police to discharge the arrows in the city limits, and to temporarily block traffic. A fun time was had by all.

They competed at short at long distance

We received police permission to block traffic
Even the king joined in the competition

Jousting in the Basement

The highlight competition, for everybody, was the jousting. A series of tournaments that each member prepares for extensively. The armor and shields are very real, and built during the weekly and monthly evening working sessions (although equipment is for sale, but that is considered cheating). The group travels several times a year to regional and national competitions to exhibit their skills.

The 'swords' are heavy and blunt instruments, starting with a base and wrapped extensively with duct tape. They have the heavy feel of a policeman's baton, but with just a bit of 'give' to the surface. If struck below the shield, a knight loses the use of his legs and must kneel. A contest usually ends in just a few more blows. The victor must strike a 'killing blow' across the head, neck or heart. All of this is judged, without question or comment, by the king. The rules of chivalry, honor, and fair play were on exhibit by all throughout the entire day.

Jousting in the Basement - Dec 1993

Jousting in the Basement - Dec 1993

The king hosted and officiated
The shields are real, the swords were blunt and heavy

Jousting in the Basement - Dec 1993

Jousting in the Basement - Dec 1993

Using foils was a special competition
The violent crashing was very real

Jousting in the Basement - Dec 1993

Jousting in the Basement - Dec 1993

This knight was struck in the legs, and lost their use
A single elimination tournament

Authentic Medieval Dinner and Merriment

Sorry, at this time we cannot locate any still photographs of the dinner and entertainment. Although we have extensive videotape, it will probably be quite awhile before we transfer them to the web.

Jesse Make Believe

Jesse pretended for months to come

Jesse had many make believe games with lots of different costume items Lyn provided for him. However, for months afterward, he wore his Peter Pan hat (with red feather), and jaunted about with his plastic bow and arrow set.

Here is Jesse checking out some construction work started at the lot next door to ours. It was very strange to see all the lots filled with houses on a recent trip to the area.

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