Washington, DC (#1)

September 1997

First Ever Trip to Capital for Lyn & Jesse

Working On It
One Big Project!

Dave had been to Washington, DC many times, starting with a family vacation when he was 11. His new job required several trips for him, and each time we wanted Lyn and Jesse to come along for their first visit. Finally a four day class follwed by a long week-end appeared, so we took Jesse out of school, and cashed in a couple Delta vouchers. Dave flew out Sunday night, Lyn and Jesse arrived at BWI Tuesday night. On the following Monday, everybody flew home; Lyn and Jesse to Florida and Dave onto Boise, Idaho. Unfortunately, the Hyatt Bethesda was full, so we stayed instead at the Marriott Bethesda which is less convenient for the Metro but permitted us to use a car and BWI airport. We returned 16 months later and stayed at the Hyatt.without a car.

Govt Buildings

Arlington Cemetery

The Mall

Other Stuff

Government Buildings

The US Capitol
The White House
Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial with tourists
Supreme Court Building
Washington Monument

Our Links:

Arlington Cemetary

Thurgood Marshall, Potter Stewart
Dave was very interested in the Supreme Court

JFK's eternal flame

The immense Iwo Jima Memorial to the Marines

The Mall in Washington

Famous statue near the Vietnam Veterans memoria
The newer Korean Veterans Memorial

Einstein statue is nearby but hidden
Famous from the opening of "Sesame Street"

Other Stuff


Jesse at the National Archives.
Home of the Declaration of Independence 
and US Constitution. 

Some VIP showed up when we were at the Jefferson Mem
We never found out who, but these six black cars 
parked anywhere they wanted to

Jesse with the portrait of
Thurgood Marshall 
at the National Portrait Gallery.


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