Gettysburg Trip

October 1999

Baltimore - Gettysburg - Hudson Valley

Working On It
One Big Project!


Daily Highlights


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Meet in Baltimore

BWI Airport

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Ft McHenry


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Hershey's / Amish
Lancaster - Buchanan


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Doylestown - Philadelphia
Valley Forge - Audubon


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Trenton - Princeton
Edison Tower - NYC Times Sq

Newark, NJ

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West Point - Hyde Park

Fishkill, NY

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Catskills - Binghamton
Cornell - Elmyra


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Scranton - Allentown - 


This was a strange trip, put together with short warning and little planning. We certainly saw 'enough' and benefited from Jesse being home schooled. We had always wanted to see Gettysburg and the beautiful Hudson River valley during fall colors. Dave had three 4 day classes in a row, first in Williamsport, PA, then in North Philadelphia near Doylestown, then west Philadelphia near King of Prussia. With long week-ends in between.

Lyn and Jesse flew to Baltimore and Dave drove down from Williamsport and met them after dinner. We had a day in Baltimore and Gettysburg, and one in Hershey and Amish country. Then while Dave worked we used the evenings to visit Doylestown, Philadelphia, Valley Forge and on a lark even ran an errand down to NYC to drop off some materials. We used the middle long weekend to drive back to NYC, up the Hudson to Hyde Park, across the Catskills to the finger lakes. On our last day we visited Allentown and took the Crayola tour in Easton then spent the night at a PHL airport hotel. In the morning, Dave drove back to work while Lyn and Jesse flew home. Of course, this part of the country is beautiful in October, and we did get to stop at one cider mill. This unlikely trip was very enjoyable and more than educational enough for Jesse to justify our efforts.

Day 1

Meet in Baltimore

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Day 2

Gettysburg - Harrisburg

Day 3

Harrisburg to Philadelphia

Day 4

Philadelphia - Trenton - New York City

Day 5

Hudson River and Catskills

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